Choose Your Contract Phone Even if You Have Bad Credit

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Struggling to get a Contract Phone because you have Bad Credit?

Have you ever been turned down by a mobile phone network provider due to a tough financial period in your life? Have you had to bite the bullet and avoid getting the latest smartphone because the mobile service provider charged a much much higher deposit than you could afford?

Here at we realise that sometimes life can throw in plenty of surprises and sometimes circumstances really are outside your control. But not only that, we understand how important it is to stay connected with the world be it via text, voice or social and that requires a mobile phone.

Nowadays a phone is more than a just luxury, it is important for every the day to day running of your life, a neccessity. And we are here to ensure that you can stay connected and don’t miss any important work calls or keeping in touch with your friends simply because you don’t have a contract phone.

Our mantra here in the office is: Don’t be without a mobile phone any longer, we can help.

Working with a range of suppliers we are able to bring you extraordinary credit terms. Selectively working with only the best providers we will work hard to come up with a solution for you no matter what your circumstances. And in many cases you will be overwhelmed at how good the deal is.

When our MD started this business in 2006 he started with the sole aim of making sure if you buy a contract phones from us it will be the best you’ll get anywhere, whether it’s for a iPhone 5S, the Samsung Galaxy S6 or for the Google Pixel. Our flexible approach means we don’t have fixed plans or set deals that don’t work for you. All our customers are treated as individuals meaning that the right deals are chosen exclusively from them to suit their needs.

In many cases if you come up to us with bad credit or low income we can get you a contract phone. You have to remember, we don’t provide low grade old phones, we provide the best contract phones but at cheap prices, using our market insight and buying power to make sure that you get the most for your money.

Simply apply using our form and we’ll work diligently to get you a brand new mobile phone. And we work long and hard to make sure we can deliver you a guaranteed contract phone even if you have bad credit.

Can I Get A Mobile Phone With Bad Credit? Yes You Can!

There’s thousands of people struggling with a below average credit rating, yet that doesn’t automatically mean you can’t get a contract phone so don’t lose hope. Ok you might have difficulty obtaining a contract and you’re no doubt on the page because you posed the question how can I get a contract phone with bad credit? But you needn’t worry, although you might be a bit more restricted than those with a clean credit rating there are still choices.

Before jumping the gun and getting declined at every retailer going it’s important as to why mobile phone companies don’t generally award contracts to customers with poor credit ratings. Basically this is because smartphones are highly subsidised; customers are offered a free mobile phone in exchange for 12 or 24 month contract. This lets new customers get a brand new phone at no immediate cost, and the network or retailer recovers the money through your monthly billing.

The offer of the free phone is an incentive to get brand new customers; this is all well and good however if the phone company offering the free phone thinks that you’re a high-risk customer due to your poor credit rating they make not be willing to take that risk as they could lose money by bringing you on board.

Get A Mobile Phone Contract With Bad Credit

So in order to get a mobile phone contract with bad credit you will need to lower your risk to the phone company. Here are some things you can do:

1. Compare Mobile Phone Handsets

The starting point if you’re in the market for a mobile phone contract with bad credit then make sure you compare handsets, you might have to make some sacrifices on features in order to start rebuilding and once you have proven you can pay then you can get the latest top spec handsets.

Choosing a handset that doesn’t include all the top end features that the latest smart phones you can significantly reduce your risk to the phone company, you’ll have a lot more success choosing a more basic model than a top-of-the-line Galaxy S4 or Apple iPhone 5.

2. Consider Sim Only Contracts

When applying for a mobile phone contract with bad credit, the company’s biggest concern will be the overall cost of the handset so you might want to consider taking out a sim-only deal. They don’t include a handset so usually cover a much shorter period of time and can operate via a rolling monthly basis.

Of course with this option you’ll need to buy your own mobile phone handset outright; you have some options here too:

  • Purchase the Pay-As-You-Go(PAYG) Plan
  • Purchase a Sim-Free handset from any provider
  • Buy a pre-owned handset from eBay or another mobile phone retailer

When you choose a SIM only deeal there’s very little risk to the phone company. Meaning they aren’t going to lose much so will more often than not accept you and this gives you a chance to rebuild your credit rating.

3. Pay an Upfront Deposit

Some of the mobile phone networks allow new customers to place a reasonable upfront payment if they happen to be struggling with bad credit. Again, this significantly lowers the phone company’s riskk. If they can collect a substantial amount of money up front, they protect themselves and the network will likely approve your application for a contract. This is probably the most effective method when trying to get a mobile phone even if you have bad credit and many of our customers have used this very technique to get a contract phone even with poor credit.

4. Communicate With Networks Directly

If you’re really struggling to get the phone you want then you should speak directly to the network that you applied to, we can put you in touch. Many retailers have policies they have to adhere to when you apply onlin whereas a customer service representative will be able to offer more flexibility.

Remember if one network rejects your application, this doesn’t always mean that another one will so shop around. Each network has different policies and some are more lenient than others.

Once you manage to get accepted for a new contract phone and you keep up to your monthly payments your credit rating will improve over time meaning you can get phones with no problem in the future.