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Nokia D1C Specs leak suggests Two Hardware Versions


As repeatedly confirmed by the the Finnish former mobile giant, Nokia will officially re-enter the smartphone arena in 2017. Unlike the Windows Mobile 10-powered Lumia devices produced by Nokia under Microsoft, the new series of Nokia handsets will be Android powered. You can see a leaked render of the D1C below: The D1C will be […]

Lumia 940 Rumoured to Come with 5.2″ Display and 25MP Camera

Microsoft are expected to be announcing the Lumia 940 at some point this year and it should be the next flagship replacing the Lumia 930 model which has been on the market for around 18 months. We don’t know what kind event Microsoft are planning in terms of the announcement or where it will be […]

Nokia N1 Android Tablet Launching Jan 7th in China

You may remember back in Novemeber we brought news of a new Nokia Android tablet. This came from the section of the company that wasn’t sold off to Microsoft and we had a firm idea of specs plus the fact it would be released at some point during quarter 1 2015. All a bit vague. […]

Leaked Photos of Lumia 1030 Device

It’s been a while since we saw any real exciting leaks but thankfully the drought is over as some interesting photos were posted on Baidu today, the Chinese web services company. The device is said to be a prototype device which carries the name the ‘Lumia 1030 McLaren’. Looking at the images below the pictures […]

Nokia Lumia Phablet Leaks + Lumia 535 Specs

The Nokia Lumia 535 has been doing the rumour rounds for the last few weeks and today we saw another blurred shot of Nokia’s upcoming device. However, those of you with an eagle eye will also see a much larger device in the image, which is said to be an unconfirmed phablet and some corners […]

Nokia Lumia 730 Leaked Photos

Nokia leaks for the blog today as it looks like the former market leaders are working on the Nokia Lumia 730. This will be a successor to the Nokia Lumia 720 that came out in early 2013. Of course now it’s made by Microsoft’s mobile division rather than Nokia’s posted merger. It’s still early days […]

Windows Phone App Store Passes 255,000 Apps + Nokia X2 Goes Official

Windows Phone is improving by the day but if one thing lets it down it’s the App Store which doesn’t compare to those offered by Apple and Google. However things are changing and it’s happening pretty fast. Having broken the 200,000 apps mark in December of last year, the Windows Phone store now has over […]