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Oppo R9 and R9 Plus Have Full Specification Leaked

Both the Oppo R9 and the R9 Plus have already gone through the TENAA certification program back in China which gave us a reasonable idea of their specification but now the prolific leakster, @Onleaks, Steve Hemmerstoffer has revealed the complete specifications for both devices. You can see it below: The specs that were leaked by […]

Leaked Oppo Patent Showcases Bezelless Screen Technology

Mobile phone manufacturers have been heavily focused on screen size and technology over the last 18 months and curved displays are proving more and more popular. Creating curved screen is undoubtedly a challenge but from today’s new leak it looks as thought Oppo are about to make a breakthrough. The Chinese manufacturer has apparently found […]

Oppo R1C Leaks + Galaxy S6 to Come in 2 Variants

Oppo have been hard at work these last months especially with their upcoming U3 handset which is said to launch on January 14th, one day before Xiaomi’s big event for the Redmi Note 2. Stealing thunder much? Anyway, we’ve just got some news of another Oppo handset which looks very interesting and you can see […]

Oppo Find Coming with Two Display Resolutions

Yesterday we brought you some more info the Oppo Find 7’s 50 megapixel camera and today the company have released a teaser trailer confirming that the device will be available with two different display resolutions: Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels). The device that comes with the QHD display […]

Oppo R1 Launches with 8MP F/2.0 rear camera

We’ve been talking about this device now for a few weeks and it’s finally here after the Chinese manufacturer officially announced the R1, a cool addition to their mid-range smartphone lineup. There’s a boat load of mid range Android devices out there so it’s becoming increasingly harder to stand out but we think Oppo might […]

Oppo R1 Photo Leaks + Specification Reveal

Today we’re bringing you some news from one of our favourite phone manufacturers Oppo as the Oppo R1, previously known as the R829T, which we’ve seen a couple of times thanks to leaks from the Chinese company but today we have a batch of hands on photos courtesy of an anonymous source. Hands on photos […]