Get a Free Laptop with your Mobile Phone

Whats the perfect companion to the latest smart phone? That’s right – a laptop. So why not get one absolutely free with your new mobile phone? All the laptops you see below come with Microsoft Windows and compliment your phone perfectly allowing you to transfer your pictures across, move your music around from laptop to phone and backup all your data safely and securely.

Huge Choice of Contract Mobile Phones with Free Laptops

Laptops are an extremely popular free gift with customers for a number of reasons – they’re much more portable than a desktop PC and you can do a lot more on them than you can a tablet pc. If you’re in higher eductation, a student or work when you’re on the move then a laptop can be invaluable. They give you the freedom to work from anywhere such as in the lecture theatre or even at a coffee shop but they’re not just for out and about and are a great alternative to a desktop PC as they’re both space saving and the wireless setup makes them much more convenient.

All the laptops that you can get free with your next contract mobile phone come with a great specification making them ideal for a wide range of applications; whether you’re just a web browser or need something that can handle games there’s something for your needs.

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Laptop Mobile Phone Deals FAQS

So you want a free laptop with a contract phone, is it the right choice? In a nutshell yes, a laptop is more powerful than a tablet yet much more portable than a desktop, which make it the perfect choice for someone on the move. No matter where you are in the UK these days the chances are a Wi-Fi hotspot is close by meaning you can get online via your phone plus now on your free laptop. Not only that, they also offer a spacing saving alternative to a bulky desktop, and the wireless + battery life make them neat and convenient for use in the garden.

So whether you spend most of your day on the road, on the train, or at home, there’s never been a better time to invest in a brand new mobile contract with a free laptop.

What should I look for in when choosing a free laptop with a mobile phone?

When selecting the best mobile phone + laptop for you it all boils down to intended use. Will you be using it for gaming and watching movies, or are you looking for something to do work on? Will you be using it out and about or is a replacement for your desktop? Do you spend a lot of time online? Use our handy little guide below to help you find the right laptop for you with the best phone.

Things to Look out For:

If you want to take your free laptop out and about then it goes without saying you won’t want to be carrying non-essential weight. With that in mind, make sure you choose a small, light laptop, or even a netbook if you’re going to have to carry it with you often.
Essential For: Portability
The processor is how quick your laptop can run, it’s measured in Gigahertz (GHz). This is another feature to consider if you’re running a lot of processes, or if you want your laptop to run particularly quickly. With our mobile phone and free laptop deals you will have choice between a single or dual core processor, dual core is better as it means two processors running together to optimise performance.
Essential For: Speed, Gaming
RAM (Random Access Memory)
RAM stands for random access memory and is related to how many simultaneous tasks your computer can run. If you’re a gamer and want a smooth game play experience, or if you you’re planning to run multiple programmes and applications at once then the more RAM the better.
Essential For: Speed, Gaming, Multitasking
Hard drive
The hard drive, is of course how much data your computer can store, much like a mobile phone this is measured in either MB or GB. If you plan on storing a lot of video, photos etc you’ll want to go for a large capacity, somewhere around 500 GB. Media files tend to fill up a hard drive the quickest like films, video footage and high quality pictures that are taken with your mobile phone.
Essential For: Storing movies and music, installed games, downloading.
Laptop Screen Size
If you are getting a free laptop with your contract phone for watching films, viewing images or other multimedia purposes you’ll want a good screen. Gaming and movie watching are much better on larger screens, so look for 15” and above.
Essential For: Multimedia: movies, games

What features should you look for when choosing a Mobile Phone + Free Laptop Deal?

Smartphones can be quite a mine field with so many different options, here’s what you should be looking for when taking out a new contract phone to get your free laptop:

  • Type of operating system: Do you want iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry. Both have their advantages, iOS is very simple to use and a clean interface. Android is slightly less intuitive but has more capabilities and is used on more phones. Windows is growing in popularity and has a very modern flat feel which is easy on the eye.
  • Camera size: If you’re planning on taking photos with your new contract phone then camera size is important, typically the more megapixels the better the quality photo but lens, zoom and over quality should be taken into account.
  • Video recording capability: If you want a phone that has a HD screen, then it might be a good idea to get one that can record in 1080p so you can make the most of it.
  • Email and applications: Are emails and apps important to you? Apple and Android excel here, with Android handling Gmail very well.

Laptop CPU’s – What You need to Know

At the heart of your PC lurks the CPU (Central Processing Unit). This is effectively its brain and is responsible for executing all the instructions you throw at it. It runs programs, handles tasks and crunches numbers. CPUs may look much the same, but they have different personalities and abilities. Consequently, different grades suit different types of computer users. Unfortunately, making sense of them all can be a bit of challenge. But have no fear, this simple guide will help you sort your Intels from your AMDs…

CPUs – how to tell them apart

Once upon a time CPUs were judged on speed. However, today a better guide to performance is the number of processors, or cores, they have. A dual core processor is more powerful than a single core processor and so on. Of course, the performance of a PC is not down purely to the grade of its CPU. Other factors such as memory and graphics cards also come into play, but the CPU does govern the overall performance.

Who will make the processor in my free contract laptop?

There are two main suppliers of CPUs: Intel and AMD.Intel is the world’s largest chip maker and has been defining influence on the entire home computer market. Its chipsets are well regarded and powerful.

A one-time licensee of Intel, AMD is now its keenest rival. It has its own range of CPUs, and while they currently fall behind Intel in power they generally compensate by being more affordable.

What is the offering?

Intel’s current PC processor offering is the Core family. The Core i3 is an entry-level chip designed for workaday PC tasks like web-browsing, email and word processing. The step-up second-generation Core i5 adds more processing poke and has visual support in the shape of on-chip hi-def graphics.

This makes it more suitable for entertainment and gaming. Intel describes this newcomer as a Smart Processor. Using Turbo Boost technology, it can deliver extra performance when you need it and increase energy efficiency when you don’t. Core i5 CPUs also support advanced multi-tasking in the shape of Hyper-Threading technology. This allows the processor to work on several jobs at the same time. Core i5 processors make a good choice for both desktop gaming PCs and ultra-thin laptops.