Get a Free TV with a Mobile Phone Contract

Take out a new mobile phone contract get yourself a brand new free TV. We work with a number of mobile phone retailers and service providers to bring you a fantastic range of televisions from the latest 3D large flat screen TV’s to more compact sets ideal for your kitchen or bedroom.

The majority of customers are opting to get a free 3D TV as they bring entertainment to life right before your very eyes. Using the latest technology and by wearing special 3D glasses the images produced by the TV are given added depth making you feel as though you’re living and breathing the action. Programs and films in 3D are currently available on Sky such as sports, movies and other entertainment shows and you can also play 3D DVD’s on a 3D Blu-ray player.

Even if your favourite programs aren’t in 3D just yet then you can still watch 2D programs on it at the touch of a button. If you have decided to get one of the latest smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy S or iPhone 5 you can even use that as a remote control for your new free TV meaning a new contract phone and free TV are the perfect companion.

All the free TV’s listed above come in 1080p format making them fully HD compatible. 1080p is the purest form of definition that a television can display. This ensures a smooth, film like image which is perfect for sports and movie lovers.

When picking the free TV that comes with your mobile phone contract remember to pick the right screen size for you – you have to consider the space in your room and how far away you will sit from the TV. The full HD 1080p sets below can be viewed from a closer distance that standard HD televisions. The optimum distance as recommended by most TV manufacturers is 1.6 metres. All of the free TV’s below have wide viewing angles that allow your friends and family to enjoy the action wherever they are sitting in the room.

Should I get a 3D TV free with my Phone?

3D’s still dominating the box office mainly thanks to hits such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and of course Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. 3D is also becoming common place in your home too.

People are getting used to this enhanced cinematic experience and as a result are welcoming the extra dimension into their living rooms through the addition of a cracking new TV capable of displaying 3D in all its glory.

What is a 3D TV?

3D is still only one way to film, not the next logical step for all movies and TV. Shooting in 3D limits the type of shots you can make and makes rapid cutting difficult, and although 3D cinemas are constantly being introduced, they are expensive.

There are a wide range of 3D TVs now available such as the Samsung 43″ free 3d tv with a phone contract, all of which are essentially high-spec 2D TVs with the added ability of being able to display 3D imagery. Most manufacturers now offer 3D TVs in their ranges and their prices are slowly dropping. The same can be said about 3D Blu-ray players too.

Ultimately, 3D is another exciting way to let you find your ultimate viewing experience, in the cinema or in the home – and you can get a brand new mobile phone with a free TV with our choice of deal, just don’t lose those specs!